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Slender Crunch THe Healthy Diet Cookie

Regeneration USA

Healthy Diet Cookie

Simple, Easy, Effective Weight-Loss Strategy

"Grab-It-and-Go" Weight Loss . . .
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Healthy Diet Cookie 

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What's more easy or convenient than grabbing a cookie and losing weight?

Easy to Do and the Pay Is Great!!

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Regeneration USA

Make Money while You Lose Weight!

Free Network Marketing Postcard System

Make Money while You Lose Weight!

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Regeneration USA MLM - Diet Cookie MLM - Diet Cookie Postcard

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The “spam” police and email filtering software had brought an abrupt end to building an MLM business through Spam! But that’s okay with me, because I hate Spam, just as most other people do.

FREE Postcard Mailing System

Turning FREE postcards into MONEY!

A postcard system that anyone can use!

1. You have already joined Regeneration USA thus becoming an Affiliate. 
2. Now, it's time to use the system and get additional people into your team or downline. 
3. Global Marketing issues you a unique ID number. This number is YOUR "Tracking Number" that
you put on your postcards so we know you are the mailer. 
4. When the prospect receives the postcard and either calls or mails the postcard back to us,
we will contact the prospect or talk to them if they call, and place them in your team or downline.
You never have to contact the person or talk to them. 
5. You purchase the names and mailing labels from Global Marketing and we give you FREE
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6. Our system does 90% of the work! YOU keep 100% of your check. 
7. The goal is to help you make a significant monthly income working from the comfort of your home.
You don't need special skills or experience. 
8. All you have to do is mail the FREE postcard and be an active member on Autoship with
Regeneration USA. 
9. You get an equal number of postcards FREE when you order names and mailing labels.

Prices includes priority mail shipping and handling.
250 postcards — $47.99 • includes Priority Mail S & H
500 postcards — $67.99 • includes Priority Mail S & H
1,000 postcards — $97.99 • includes Priority Mail S & H
10. Call or email Herb Farrell if you have questions or want more information on how to get started.
Herb Farrell • Email: 
11. Send check or money order to: Global Marketing LLC
P. O. Box 49 , Hopewell, OH 43746
12. Make sure to include the address to where you want the postcards mailed.